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Bring Out The Best In Everyone

Are you trying to create positive change in your organization, family or community? Do you want to engage, influence and encourage others to excel while working as “ONE” high-performance team? If your answer is ‘yes,’ your number one priority today should be to get a little better at bringing out the best in everyone.


What’s Your Relationship Plan?

No matter what you do for a living, you’re in the relationship business. The only question is whether your “business” is getting better or worse. Relationships never stay the same.

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The Power Of Positive Feedback

Providing positive feedback on a weekly basis is the most cost-effective and powerful tool a leader has to create an engaged workforce and bring out the best in people. Unfortunately, it is also the most under-utilized behavior. Survey after survey has revealed the amount of feedback employees say they need to be fully engaged in their work is way lower than what their leaders are delivering.

Pam Nigro, US UT PricewaterhouseCoopers

"Business is often a complex matter, and the heart of any business is people. I would highly recommend Bill Durkin,
because he has such a positive impact on people's ability to relate, communicate, and perform. He has developed
a real ability to bring people together, which is instrumental for increasing productivity and effectiveness in all business."

Jennifer Johnson, Deloitte & Touch LLP

“Bill Durkin had a positive influence on our company. We enjoyed his stories and benefited from his fresh ideas.
He understands the business world and customized the class to meet the needs of our people. His professionalism
and engaging style made the program enjoyable and beneficial for everyone involved.”

Jack Schacht, Illinois Trade Association

“I think it is a real testament to you that our brokers, when given the opportunity to choose among several training options,
always choose you. The reason, of course, is that they feel you relate to them and their particular needs in a way unmatched
by others in your field. Your coaching has also produced measurable results in productivity as well as vast improvements in
interoffice communication.”

Darcie Brazel, Advocate Christ Medical Center

“Bill has the unique ability to lead any group in an open, non-threatening manner. He has worked with first-line
managers, as well as senior management. In quick fashion, he manages to engage the group in positive, thoughtful
dialogue. Participants left his sessions ready to tackle challenges - both professional and personal. During times
requiring rapid reaction, Bill's approach is a refreshing respite for healthcare leadership!"

Sandy Donalds, Aetna

“Bill's professionalism, humor and storytelling were excellent. He had the ability to keep a pretty tough group
of managers interested and alive. I was extremely impressed by the way he connects a subject back to a story;
by telling a story he is able to keep the audience interested. Bill was able to take our company values and talk about
it with passion; which automatically rolled off onto us. Bill's knowledge about the company was commendable.”

Cecelia Horwitz, Kodak

“I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the exceptional service you provide to clients. As a result
of working with you for the last year, our group has increased the quality of its interpersonal communications.
More than a training facilitator, you make it clear that you are interested in each individual's success.
It has been and will continue to be a pleasure working with you.”

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